Eyelash treatment and lamination

After this procedure, the gaze becomes more open and expressive. Eyelash treatment procedure is recommended for those with straighter, lesser eyelashes. Lamination lashes look longer, denser and healthier.

Eyelash treatment Procedure consists of several parts:

  1. Eyelashes are securely wrapped with special curlers.
  2. The eyelash closure is fixed with special chemical means.
  3. Eyelashes are painted in one of the best long-lasting paints on the world market
  4. During lamination, the eyelashes are saturated with extra oils and keratin.

This eyelash treatment and lamination procedure uses the most advanced tools that we specially send from the UK. Our specialists recommend not to use mascara for eyelashes the day before the procedure is performed and performed day.

Duration of the procedure:

Without painting – 1h.
With painting – 1.15h

Price of the procedure:

Eyelash treatment without painting – 35 €
Eyelash treatment with painting – 44 €
Eyelash lamination without painting – 49 €
Eyelash laminating with paints – 55 €