Depilation with sugar

It is an effective and lasting method for removing unwanted hair. Depilation with sugar tends to prevent hair growth in the skin than conventional hair removal techniques.

Hypoallergenic agents are used during the procedure, therefore this procedure is suitable even for the most sensitive skin. The procedure is depilated in the natural direction of hair growth, due to which the depilation is less painful, the hair does not cease.

Depilation (full bikini): 25 – 35 €
Depilation (hygienic bikini): 20 – 25 €
Depilation (armpits): € 15
Depilation (hands): 15-30 €
Depilation (calf): 20 – 25 €
Depilation (for all legs): 30 – 35 €
Depilation (face area): 10-20 €